Calculus by Thomas 11th Edition

Calculus by Thomas 11th Edition

Calculus by Thomas 11th Edition

Know About Calculus Authors:

George B. Thomas, Maurice D. Weir, Joel R. Hass and Frank R. Giordano 

Know About The Calculus by Thomas 11th Edition Textbook:

This new version of Thomas Calculus is a product of what Thomas has always been: the textbook with the best exercises for math loversFor the eleventh 11th edition, the authors George B. Thomas, Maurice D. Weir, Joel R. Hass and Frank R. Giordano have added exercises and examples that were not seen in the previous editions of this textbook. This textbook going back to the classic 5th and 6th versions for added exercises and examples.

The Theme of textbook: 

This textbook theme: the Thomas Calculus is about thinking and learning that one even cant memorize it all. The exercises and examples produce the book theme as a major point between the lecture in classroom and the comprehension comes with applying the ideas of Thomas Calculus. Moreover, the Table of Contents has been re-written and refined to meet the standards at professional level coursework. Many new examples and exercises were added that have been showed in tricky, trimmed of distractions and rewritten focusing on the main theme. The authors have also added extraneous information in general and have made the technology much more transparent.

The aim of Thomas Calculus 11th Edition is to understand the mainideas of Calculus that learners will not only apply in the education or school life but also in the daily life solutions.  They prepare themselves and become able to apply ideas in new ways. The textbook also helpful in the the exercises and careers of professional learner. Efforts have been done to ensure that all material in the new version in new way that enforces thinking, ponding and encourages understanding of the coursework.

Level of the book: 

Grade/Standard 9th, 10th, Intermediate, Bachelor and Masters and also for the Math lovers.

Need Solution Manual? 

Thomas Calculus 11th Edition Solution Manual is also available to fulfil the need of readers or students. if you need the solution manual? just click the link above.   

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