Zoology by Miller and Harley 5th Edition

Zoology by Miller and Harley 5th Edition

Zoology by Miller and Harley 5th Edition

Know about Author

Stephen Miller

Dr. Miller is high-ranking author of Zoology and carried well reputation.  In his early life he rises up paddling creeks, sculling rivers, and exploring the jungles of Michigan’s, Peninsula.  His captivation with aquatic ecosystems sustained from schooling to onwards.  He got B.S. degree from Manchester College in Indiana, an M.A. in Biology from Western Michigan University, and did doctorate degree in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin/Madison. 

Dr. Miller finished his career by teaching General Zoology. He had over 35 years’ experience in teaching General Zoology at College of the Ozarks in Southwest Missouri and Wisconsin college. He is the receiver of teaching and specialized achievement awards from College of the Ozarks and the Missouri Academy of Sciences. 

Achievement of His students: they contributed in his research, which included investigations of life history, activity patterns, and biogeography of the freshwater amphipod, Gammarus pseudolimnaeus.  He too considered genetic variation within Missouri wild Turkish (Meleagris gallopavo) inhabitants. 

He got retired from College in the years of 2012, he has loved ongoing work on Zoology, understanding zoological issues within his native community, marine, woodworking, and spending time with family.  

John Harley

John Harley teaches Anatomy & Physiology and General Biology at Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY and is also co-author of Prescott/Harley/Klein Microbiology and the ASM Microbial Telecourse Study Guide.

Know about Book and his Chapters: 

Part I: Biological Principles

1. Zoology: An Evolutionary and Ecological Perspective
2. Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems of Animals
3. Cell Division and Inheritance
4. Evolution: History and Evidence
5. Evolution and Gene Frequencies
6. Ecology: Preserving the Animal Kingdom

Part II: Animal-Like Protists and Animalia

7. Animal Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Organization
8. Animal-like Protists: The Protozoa
9. Multicellular and Tissue Levels of Organization
10. The Smaller Lophotrochozoan Phyla
11. Molluscan Success
12. Annelida: The Metameric Body Form
13. The Smaller Ecdysozoan Phyla
14. The Arthropods: Blueprint for Success
15. The Pancrustacea: Crustacea and Hexapoda
16. Ambulacraria: Echinoderms and Hemichordates
17. Chordata: Urochordata and Cephalochordata
18. The Fishes: Vertebrate Success in Water
19. Amphibians: The First Terrestrial Vertebrates
20. Reptiles: Nonavian Diapsid Amniotes
21. Birds: Reptiles by Another name
22. Mammals: Synapsid Amniotes

Part III: Form and Function: A Comparative Perspective

23. Protection, Support, and Movement
24. Communication I: Nervous and Sensory Systems
25. Communication II: The Endocrine System and Chemical Messages
26. Circulation and Gas Exchange
27. Nutrition and Digestion
28. Temperature and Body Fluid Regulation
29. Reproduction and Development

Level of Study: 

Graduation, Masters Coursework

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