Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr.

Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr.

Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr. 

About the Author:

During his sophomore year at Rice University, L. G. Wade decided to major in chemistry after taking organic chemistry with Professor Ronald M. Magid. Wade went on to Harvard University after getting his B.A. from Rice in 1969, where he undertook research with Professor James D. White. He was the Head Teaching Fellow for the organic laboratory at Harvard, and his teaching approaches were heavily influenced by two master educators, Professors Leonard K. Nash and Frank H. Westheimer. 

Dr. Wade joined the chemistry faculty at Colorado State University after receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1974. Dr. Wade taught organic chemistry to thousands of students at Colorado State University over the period of fifteen years, preparing them for careers in biology, chemistry, human medicine, veterinary medicine, and environmental studies. In addition, he published research papers in organic synthesis and chemical education, as well as eleven books that reviewed current organic synthesis research. Dr. Wade has been a professor of chemistry at Whitman College since 1989, where he teaches organic chemistry and conducts research in organic synthesis and forensic chemistry.

In 1993, the author of 'Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr.' earned Whitman's A. E. Lange Award for Distinguished Science Teaching. Dr. Wade's passion for forensic science has led him to testify as an expert witness in drug and guns cases, as well as work as a police firearms instructor, drug consultant, and marine safety officer. He also enjoys professionally repairing and restoring ancient violins and bows, which he has done for many years.

Books Overview 'Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr. ':

'Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr.' is a scientifically rigorous textbook that engages students at all levels. Wade explains the concepts of organic reactivity and the mechanics of organic reactions in a logical and scientific manner. This method aids students in developing problem-solving methods as well as scientific intuition, which they will use throughout the course and in their future research.

Every chapter in the Eighth Edition has updated Chapter Goals, Essential Problem-Solving Skills, and Hints that encourage both majors and non-majors to think critically and avoid taking "short cuts" while solving issues. Mechanism Boxes and Key Mechanism Boxes help students grasp Organic Chemistry as a whole, while modern applications emphasise the science's applicability to real-life situations.
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Brief Table of Content of 'Organic Chemistry Textbook 8th Edition By L. G. Wade Jr.' :

  1. Introduction and Review
  2. Structure and Properties of Organic Molecules
  3. Structure and Stereochemistry of Alkane
  4. The Study of Chemical Reactions
  5. Stereochemistry
  6. Alkyl Halides: Nucleophilic Substitution and Elimination
  7. Structure and Synthesis of Alkene
  8. Reactions of Alkenes
  9. Alkynes
  10. Structure and Synthesis of Alcohols
  11. Reactions of Alcohols
  12. Infrared Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry
  13. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  14. Ether, Epoxides, and Thioethers
  15. Conjugated Systems, Orbital Symmetry, and Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
  16. Aromatic Compounds
  17. Reactions of Aromatic Compounds
  18. Ketones and Aldehydes
  19. Amines
  20. Carboxylic Acids
  21. Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
  22. Condensations and Alpha Substitutions of Carbonyl Compounds
  23. Carbohydrates and Nucleic Acids
  24. Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins
  25. Lipids
  26. Synthetic Polymers

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