Taubat Un Nasooh By Deputy Nazir Ahmad (Urdu)

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Know about the Book"Taubat Un Nasooh By Deputy Nazir Ahmad (Urdu)":

The novel "Taubat Un Nasooh By Deputy Nazir Ahmad (Urdu)", a famous Urdu writer, is a model of classical Indian literature and provides scientific and literary material for comparative literary studies academics. And the novel "Tauba-tul-Nasooh," which was originally titled "Tawbah Al-Nasuh" and first published in India in 1877, has acquired a level of popularity in Urdu literature that no other novel has achieved, as evidenced by the fact that it is still extensively reproduced today. It should be mentioned that it was translated into English and published in London in 1884, followed by a second edition with footnotes and a glossary in 1886 AD.

It's a novel about the Islamic reformation. "Nasooh," the main character and family patriarch, is ready to die and is concerned about life beyond death after having a nightmare about it. By summoning each of his children one by one, he tries to show them the proper path. The three younger children have already begun their search for a source of mental calm (religion), although the oldest son and daughter are not yet ready to adopt the religion. But, in the end, Nasooh's Tauba (confession) is completed, and all of the members choose the correct path.

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