Crime Scene Asia by Liz Porter


Crime Scene Asia by Liz Porter

Know About Author:

Liz Porter is an award-winning Australian author and famous journalist who is best recognized for her books about "The real CSI" - how forensic science is used to solve crimes. She's also the author of Written on the Skin: An Australian Forensic Casebook, which won the Ned Kelly award for best true crime book in 2007 and Cold Case Files, which won the Davitt award for best true crime book from the Australian Sisters in Crime in 2012. She swims in open water and performs in a pop music choir.

Know About the Book 'Crime Scene Asia by Liz Porter': 

    When forensic evidence becomes the silent witness, Crime Scene Asia is a case study book of fascinating true stories from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

    The story begins with the discovery of a woman's body in a Singapore nature park. Her disappearance has not been reported. Nobody has any idea who she is. A series of small numbers carved into a series of implants in her teeth are the sole clues to her identification. Police are knocking on Singapore dentists' doors till they discover the one who treated her. They then identify her killer by following a trail of numbers dialled from her phone. A married man is arrested for the death of his mistress in Kuala Lumpur, 300 kilometres distant. 

    He is unmistakably her assailant, according to the cops. However, the man's lawyer can point to forensic evidence that tells a completely different scenario. Meanwhile, one of the Hong Kong cases in the book tells the story of a low-level truck driver who is facing charges for his alleged involvement in a bombing plan reportedly orchestrated by two of the former British colony's most known gangsters. Then, thanks to the testimony of a forensic expert, he is set free.

More Info: 

ISBN No: 9789814634328
Total Page Count: 320
Published Year: 2017

Level of Study:  

'Crime Scene Asia by Liz Porter' can be obliging to the students of: Bachelor, Masters Coursework, Researchers and Forensic Expert, and Police Investigators. 

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