Petroleum Engineering Drilling and Well Completions By Carl Gatlin

Petroleum Engineering Drilling and Well Completions By Carl Gatlin

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Carl Gatlin

Know About the Book 'Petroleum Engineering Drilling and Well Completion By Carl Gatlin'

Petroleum engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the actions involved in producing hydrocarbons, which can be crude oil or natural gas. Exploration and production are considered to be part of the oil and gas industry's upstream segment. The oil and gas industry's two primary subsurface disciplines are exploration, which is carried out by earth scientists, and petroleum engineering, which focuses on optimising the economic recovery of hydrocarbons from subterranean reserves.
Petroleum geology and geophysics are concerned with providing a static description of the hydrocarbon reservoir rock, whereas petroleum engineering is concerned with estimating the recoverable volume of this resource based on a thorough understanding of the physical behaviour of oil, water, and gas within porous rock under extreme pressure.

Table of Contents.

Chapters List: 

  • The Nature of Petroleum.
  • Concepts of Petroleum Geology and Basic Rock Properties.
  • Petroleum Exploration Methods and General Leasing Practices.
  • Cable Tool Drilling.
  • Rotary Drilling: General Method and Equipment.
  • The Composition, Functions, and General Nature of Rotary Drilling Fluids.
  • Rotary Drilling Hydraulics.
  • Factors Affecting Penetration Rate.
  • Rotary Drilling Techniques.
  • Core and Core Analysis.
  • Well Logging.
  • Formation Damage.
  • Drill Stem Testing.
  • Oil Well Cementing and Casing Practices.
  • The Well Completion.

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