Introduction to Computer By Emmaleen

Introduction to Computer By Emmaleen

Introduction to Computer By Emmaleen

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Know About the Author: 

Emmaleen N. Hartley, Judy L. Shipp, M.C. DiTore-Franco, Debra L. Sensale, Cheryl R. Toska, Diana Deloney, Rodney Woodward, Taisha Jeffers

Know About the Book:

Introduction to Computer By Emmaleen is the basic computer learning book, it deals with the different types of computer, hardware and software. If you are unfamiliar with how computers function, they can be quite complex and frightening. We'll break down computer hardware, operating systems (OS), apps, and even troubleshooting in this book. Our Stautzenberger College group of nine people intends to provide you with a better grasp of how computers function and how to use them. We've combined what we've learned in the classroom from our instructor Rod Farthing, a 2008 Master Teacher Award recipient, with the research we've done to develop what we think will be a simple step-by-step guide to using the many functions and applications of computer operations and software. 

You should be able to identify certain hardware, apply software, set up your own home/business network, and even figure out the problem when your PC refuses to listen after reading this material (Hudson). We hope you find this information beneficial, and we appreciate your willingness to invest in the future. Just keep it in mind.

Level of Study:  

'Introduction to Computer By Emmaleen' can be obliging to the students of: Bachelor, Masters Coursework, Researchers and Computer Lovers.

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