Design of Machinery | Second Edition | Robert L. Norton | McGraw Hill


Design of Machinery | Second Edition | Robert L. Norton | McGraw Hill

About the Author:

Robert L. Norton graduated from North-eastern University with bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial technology and a master's degree in engineering design from Tufts University. In 2012, WPI bestowed upon him the title of Dr. Eng. (h.c.). In Massachusetts and Florida, he is a licenced professional engineer. He has substantial industrial expertise in engineering design and manufacture, as well as extensive teaching experience at North-eastern University, Tufts University, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute in mechanical engineering, engineering design, computer science, and related areas. 

Norton has been a member of the mechanical engineering department faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute since 1981 and is currently Milton Prince Higgins II Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Before retiring from active teaching, he spent 31 years at WPI teaching undergraduate and graduate mechanical engineering courses with a focus on design, kinematics, vibrations, and dynamics of machines.

About the Book: 

The second edition of Design of Machinery | Second Edition | Robert L. Norton | McGraw Hill builds on the success of the first edition by stressing the design aspects of mechanisms and giving readers with numerous industry examples and illustrations. Norton presents a sound conceptual framework for machinery kinematics and dynamics in the context of what a design engineer has to know.

The chapter problem set has been changed and increased in the new edition, with over 200 additional problems added. More than 80 Project Assignments are also given to provide readers with a realistic look at mechanism design and analysis techniques. Chapter 2 now includes coverage of compliant mechanisms and MEMS; Chapter 3 now includes a section titled "Some Useful Mechanisms"; and the treatment of cams in Chapters 8 has been streamlined and modernised. The data on gearboxes and engine dynamics has also been improved and increased.

The second edition of Design of Machinery | Second Edition | Robert L. Norton | McGraw Hill includes a bound-in Student Resources CD-ROM that includes Norton's own student-version applications, a large collection of Working Model simulations (by Sid Wang of North Carolina A&T University), additional Working Model examples, and the MSC Working Model 2-D programme itself (demonstration version). Additional instructor and student resources are available on the redesigned Book Website. Instructors can access detailed solutions to all chapter problems and project assignments on the website, which is password protected.

Level of Study:

Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional workers and researchers in the fields of Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering

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